About Sweet Ginger

Sweet Ginger Vintage is a business born out of the heart of a fiercely independent wife/mom/boss determined to live life by her own rules. 

I've never been really good at following the crowd or conforming to expectations.  I'm not satisfied with a mediocre life.  I refuse to settle.  I am deeply passionate about all of the things I love, including the clothing that makes a woman feel beautiful no matter whether it fits with modern esthetics and expectations or not.  I am deeply passionate about helping women find, see, and own the beauty that they possess in all of the different packages that comes in.

I have followed a very non traditional path to get to where I am.  I have followed my passions, the things that ignite a fire in my heart and soul.  But while fabric, clothing, fashion, sewing, creating for the human form make great hobbies, they don't necessarily jive with the practical needs of life (i.e. making a living). But I refused to quit until I figured out a way to fulfill my heart passions AND my provide for my needs.

That means I have worked some pretty dull and boring jobs and some pretty amazing ones over the years to get to this place I wanted to be.  I studied costume design, worked in theater, sold cars, worked in a lumber yard, and managed a garden center among other things until I opened my own custom sewing and alterations business in 2002, which I ran for 11 years. 

My ultimate dream came true in 2009 when I became a mom to an amazing little girl.  Of course, she's like her mom and breaks all the rules too, lol!  We adopted her from China when she was 16 months old and we have been riding her roller coaster ever since.  In order to be the mom I wanted to be (remember I don't settle) I had to reorder my passions.  My daughter and her special, unique needs had to come first and my business had to be remodeled to accommodate.  So I closed my business sewing for two years while I tried to figure out how to find balance between my passions.

As much as I love being at my sewing machine, my daughter's current needs don't allow for my old level of production.  So I decided to explore my passion for vintage fashion.  Historical garments have always been a huge inspiration to the garments I make and design and as a professional seamstress, looking at the handwork and designs of those who came before me is awe inspiring!  To lay a modern, mass produced dress next to a hand stitched, custom made vintage dress is a powerful and moving experience.

Why do I say that is a moving experience?  Because it shows very dramatically how little we value the uniqueness of our humanity in our modern age.  Yes, it is inexpensive, fast, and easy to buy mass produced garments, but I am not massed produced.  There is only one of me, as imperfect as I am.  There is only one of you, perfect or as imperfect as you are.  I am beautiful and unique and so are you.  Something as intimate as our clothing should reflect that beauty and uniqueness.

So enough babble about me.  Know that everything I list in my shop has spoken to me in some way with its own unique inspiration.  Whether it is a vintage 1940s house coat or a custom design I have stitched together myself, it sparks a passion in my heart and a vision in my mind.  And just remember, you don't have to be totally awesome every single day, that's just exhausting, but don't settle for being less than true to your passionate, beautiful self.  She deserves to shine, and shine bright when you let her out!

When in doubt, go the Diva route!

You can shop here in this virtual space from anywhere in world or if you choose you can visit me in my brick and mortar shop in small town Mayville, WI.  I have been at my 26 South Main St. location since 2002 when I originally opened my sewing business.